Detox Fashion Campaign

In Spring 2019 we launched a collection of 100% cotton knitwear that had been dyed in accordance with the Greenpeace Detox Fashion Campaign. In the Autumn we launched a collection made from 100% recycled yarn, made from post-consumer waste in France.

Recycled Fibres

In Autumn 2019 we released our Aran Knit Collection made from 100% recycled fibres harvested from post consumer waste (clothing banks) in SW France. The raw materials are sourced and re-manufactured using mechanical methods in France. As this was our AW Collection we will not be showing it at Spring Fair, but some items are still available to purchase on our website.

Our recycled yarns have a carbon footprint which is significantly smaller than similar yarns made from virgin fibres, and also uses considerably less water. The yarn has an independent certification showing it to have 98% less environmental impact than similar non recycled yarns.

Organic Cotton

For Spring 2020 we are launching an Organic Cotton Poncho made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in Italy, by a company that has taken the Detox Fashion pledge with Greenpeace, in order to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in dyes.

Organic cotton is more water efficient to grow than conventionally produced cotton.


We are currently sourcing a supplier of bio-plastic bags to replace the plastic bags we currently use on our products.